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The Iditarod Great Sled Race, which carries dogs and their mushers over a breathtaking array of Alaskan landscapes, has long captured our attention here at #ISeeChange. For 43 years, no matter what the conditions, mushing teams have pounded north through the heart of Alaska, from Anchorage to Nome. Along the[…]

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Where’s my El Niño?


Greetings from the picnic table outside my house. Californians are supposed to be dealing with mudslides, rain and flooding right about now. Instead, warm weather records are toppling. Our observer Learka Bosnak was on her way to show a house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz Monday; she[…]

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So you want to be a better observer…


Observation, like skiing, cooking or pageant walking, is a skill that can be honed. So we went looking for someone who is an expert in observation, who can offer lessons in taking note to all note-takers and – this week – to #ISeeChangers.

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2015’s observations in review


This holiday season, we’re seeing record-breaking warm temperatures in many of the upper middle and eastern states, tornadoes twisting through the South and parts of the Midwest, and snow, sleeting rain, and significant hail in the West. But weird didn’t just start out of nowhere in December. You observed climate changes and[…]

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