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ISeeChange and NOLA Ready partner to track rainfall and flooding in New Orleans, distributing free rain gauges to neighborhood volunteers

rain gaugeee-big

For six years, ISeeChange has rallied citizen scientists, curious neighbors, and communities on the frontlines of our changing climate to track the impacts and tell us their stories. As climate models predict more intense rainfall, ISeeChange is ramping up our understanding of storms and flooding. Together with NOLA Ready, the[…]

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Was your autumn weird – again? You’re not alone.

At Brenda Whittaker’s home in Guelph, Ontario, the usually vibrant red and orange colors of her maple trees seemed dull this fall. Born and raised in Guelph, she has watched autumn change for 62 years. Whittaker wonders if warmer temperatures during the past few months are to blame for the[…]

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Not Your “Average” Year in Review

Lead photo by Catrin Austin/Flickr

When ISeeChange started in 2012 in Colorado, it was the warmest year in the continental United States. A lot of weird stuff happened that year. What could top that? 75 degrees F on November 16th. Shorts weather! The day after was the first snow of the year and it snowed[…]

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Trees get stressed out too (but for different reasons)

Sure seems like you’re seeing a lot of stressed-out trees, out there in these United States. Unlike with people, it’s probably not because of the impending election. In the Midwest, observers in Wisconsin and Michigan noticed leaves turning brown deep in what we usually consider summer. Valerie Mann, in Bristol,[…]

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Field Photo Weekend – Memorial Day Alert!

from pixabay no attribution required

Memorial Day weekend’s just ahead, with stormy weather expected in the Midwest and East. But Memorial Day itself should be mostly dry: so if you’re heating up the barbeque, you might also break out your camera or smartphone to help our friends with a science project. It’s a Field Photo[…]

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