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Remote · Part- Time, Preference for developers based in New Orleans, Boston, New York, Miami, or other ISC pilot communities.

ISeeChange is a global community and unique global social media platform dedicated to connecting communities to each other to their changing environment. We mobilize residents to collect local stories, photos, and weather measurements to inform climate adaptation, infrastructure design, and community-driven storytelling. ISeeChange’s platform mobilizes communities to collect and share their own personal climate stories, photos, and weather measurements. ISeeChange combines this real-time data with sensor networks and natural language processing to illustrate community-scale climate trends. Cities, engineers, insurers, and researchers use this data to inform climate adaptation planning, public safety, and infrastructure design—enabling them to build solutions that work best for communities by putting their voices and vision front and center. ISeeChange has been recognized by MIT Solve, Echoing Green, Grist 50 Fixers, and the UN’s Global Innovation Coalition for Change.

Job Description

With users in 118 countries and local pilots in New Orleans, New York, Boston and Miami, we are seeking to expand our team ahead of major investments from MIT Solve and the McGovern Foundation to develop “AI for the Betterment of Humanity” as well as overall updates to our platform, API, suite of mobile tools, and digital recruitment features. We are looking for a frontend developer with the right experience, creativity and drive to help our team execute on these development priorities.

What we have:

  • A growing global web and mobile platform with an active community.
  • Opportunities to learn new technologies and take responsibility for company initiatives.
  • An international team of values-driven, friendly, and smart people (if we do say so ourselves) to work along-side.
  • A collective open mind to exploring new technologies and front-line opportunities.
  • A growing interest from social impact investors and incubators dedicated to having a positive impact in the world.
  • A dedication to make the world a better place

What you have:

  • Excellent communication, listening, and organization skills to work with teammates across disciplines, as well as across time-zones.
  • Solid experience building and maintaining Javascript-heavy web applications.
  • An attention to detail.
  • An understanding of team strategies and objectives.
  • Motivation to learn as you go and constantly help to improve our tools and process.
  • Strong and thorough execution skills (you meet deadlines and help others meet theirs)
  • A hunger for making a difference.

You might also have:

  • Experience with quality control and testing.
  • Experience with using Javascript to build mobile apps especially with tools such as Vue.js and Capicator.js
  • Experience with and knack for project management

We’d be super pumped, if you also have:

  • Project experience with AI, environmental, or social media applications
  • A/B and Growth testing

What a day might look like for you:

  • Have a meeting with our international team via a Zoom video call
  • Give feedback on a design or specification document we’re drafting for a few feature
  • Fix a bug on our web or mobile platform
  • Make progress on a new feature we’re working on
  • Help the team track and more efficiently achieve our milestones
  • Learn something new about our community

Why work with ISeeChange?
We are our authentic selves. We’re innovators. We’re human- we know that our weaknesses and vulnerabilities matter just as much as our strengths. We engage each other with gratitude, transparency and love. We value community-sourced knowledge, “do no harm” revenue models, and impact-driven work to solve the climate crisis.

How to apply:

Please email team@iseechange.org with a statement of interest, resume and an optional link to examples of your work or website.

Cover photo by Marco Kellershoff via Flickr.

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