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Sr. Project Manager

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ISeeChange is a global community and unique global social media platform dedicated to connecting communities to each other to their changing environment. We mobilize residents to collect local stories, photos, and weather measurements to inform climate adaptation, infrastructure design, and community-driven storytelling.  ISeeChange combines community-sourced data with sensor networks to illustrate community-scale climate trends. Cities, engineers, educators, and researchers use this data to build infrastructure, public safety and planning solutions that work best for communities. ISeeChange has been recognized by TechStars, MIT Solve, Echoing Green, Grist 50 Fixers, and the UN’s Global Innovation Coalition for Change. With users in 118 countries and local pilots in New Orleans, New York, Boston and Miami, we are seeking to expand our team ahead of major growth in 2021. 

The ISC multi-disciplinary team currently consists of a full-time director and 8 remote team members from design, development, data science, science journalism, urban planning, and community organizing.

Job Description

We are looking for a Project Manager who can work directly with outside partners to understand needs and inform our platform design decisions. This role will gain a strong, deep understanding of the company’s strategy and business goals by also working with the CEO, sales and community outreach team. This role will also collaborate with the product designer and developers to help create a queue of upcoming features to meet project needs.

What you have:

  • Ability to lead on your own and facilitate effective cross-functional conversations between design, development, and business. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. You’re familiar with customer service basics and comfortable being client facing as needed. 
  • You’re able to organize and break down new ideas for your teammates.
  • You’re fast at identifying needs and succinct in communicating them. You’re  proactive with potential solutions. 
  • Familiar with working with a cross disciplinary tech team. If you have interest in moving from a project manager role to a future product oriented role, you will enjoy the level of collaboration our small team has!
  • Open to experimentation. What we’re working on can be new and our first solution might not be the best. If you have experience with testing ideas or solutions this is always helpful.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset! Experience with developing and following through on metrics and goals. A knack for seeing opportunities to deliver on our team’s goals through partnerships and new feature ideas.
  • A hunger for making a difference.

 We’d be super pumped, if you also have:

  • Having experience in working on a SaaS, B2B or B2G tool.  
  • Familiarity with analytics tools – especially google analytics or mixpanel. 
  • Open to sketching out ideas if you have them. As the teammate on the frontlines of working with outside partners, we’d love if you can also express your vision of solutions in more than written formats. No need to be an artist! Napkin sketches are welcome and you’ll have a team to help refine them.
  • Experience or interest in working with climate or weather-related business needs.
  • Experience or interest in working on social media platforms or communities.

What we have:

  • A growing global web and mobile platform with an active community.
  • Opportunities to learn about emerging climate trends, policies and resilience strategies.
  • An international team of values-driven, friendly, and smart people (if we do say so ourselves) to work along-side.
  • A dedication to make the world a better place.
  • A remote team with flexible scheduling.

Why work with ISeeChange?

We are our authentic selves. We’re human – we know that our weaknesses and vulnerabilities matter just as much as our strengths. We engage each other with gratitude, transparency and love. We value community-sourced knowledge, “do no harm” revenue models, and impact-driven work to solve the climate crisis. 

How to apply:

Please email jobs@iseechange.org with a statement of interest, resume and an optional link to examples of your work or website.


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