A fan with cooling spray.

An early-June heatwave stresses ISeeChangers and their plants

An early-June heatwave is bringing temperatures in the high 80s and 90s across the Northern U.S. from the Dakotas to Maine. In addition to the heat, many parts of the Upper Midwest and New England are dealing with ongoing drought.

As the climate changes, heatwaves are expected to get longer and more severe. Here’s how ISeeChangers have been experiencing this early-season heatwave. Add your sightings to our community record too!

Trying to manage without A/C in Boston

83 inside temp… having shelter from the sun, never ending ice in the freezer, and a few fans is a luxury compared to what some other people must be experiencing. Any tips on how to stay cool without AC and help others who may be stuck outside in this heat?

Emily Hostetler

Losing plants due to heat and drought in Michigan

Michigan Thumb. No rain. Severe drought. I am about to lose my garden and flowers. Last year at this time the Sanford dam broke flooding towns and washing away roads. But this is worse. We grow many beans in Michigan’s Thumb. Maybe not this year.

Penny Barrons

Putting water out for birds and bees

Hot, windy, sunny. Water out for bees, butterflies and birds. Soaker hoses in vegetable and pollinator gardens. Good day for using the clothesline. No rain in 3 days. Hot again tomorrow.

Dennis Caldwell

Shading the vegetable garden with cloth in New Hampshire

Unbearably hot and humid. Volunteer work I was scheduled to do in Sandwich monitoring invasive plants had to be cancelled due to extreme heat. Just covered all newly planted seedlings in raised beds to keep them from burning up.

Judith Saum

Relief from the ocean in Ocean City, NJ

While it is 90 to 95 degrees inland where my family is (about 40-50 miles from Ocean City NJ, )the temperature hasn’t gotten out of the 70 ‘s here. In fact it has been really cool on the beach that I was comfortable in a sweatshirt unti abou 3-4 pm. I guess this is because the water temperatures are in the high 50’s but very odd.

Roseanne Monfardini

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Cover photo by Michael Fötsch via Flickr.