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Introducing ISeeChange’s abnormal temperature alerts

Find out when high and low temperatures are unusual in your area! For many ISeeChangers the cool temperatures of fall came late this year with heat and humidity lasting well into October. Last month was the third-hottest September on record in North America and the fifth-hottest worldwide. With climate change[…]

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We’ve made some changes!

“Over time ISeeChange community members have told us that they want more guidance about what kinds of ways to engage with the community and how to classify their posts by topic. We’ve created a new guidance feature (Actions page) and made a more intuitive and faster way to post to[…]

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A new way to see ISeeChange! New platform and features

Since our founding in rural Colorado eight years ago, ISeeChange has grown into a global community of members from over 118 countries. Our technology and platform has grown as well, from a WordPress site, to a web app with a companion native, mobile app. Now we’re taking our next tech[…]

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