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Post about flooding: Dream in Green bonus activity

Hi, Dream in Green participant! Welcome to ISeeChange. We are a global community of people documenting the everyday, block-by-block impacts of climate change. From community members in Nigeria posting about extreme heat, to your neighbors in South Florida tracking sea level rise and flooding, ISeeChangers put a human face to the[…]

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Introduction to ISeeChange for teachers

Make ISeeChange a virtual classroom to observe and discuss climate change ISeeChange is a fun and easy way to incorporate citizen science into your curriculum. Students can use ISeeChange on a phone or computer to journal about climate, weather and the environment alongside a global community. From members in Nigeria[…]

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Can Yo-Yo Winters Make Us More Sick?

Students in Hebron, Connecticut have been noticing something strange this winter. Usually this town 25 miles southeast of Hartford is snowy and cold, but this year, temperatures swung wildly from freezing to balmy. Those temperature swings make for what we call a “YoYo” winter. “It snowed on Tuesday and today[…]

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