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Are dry summers to blame for out-of-season flowers?

While visiting his parents’ New Jersey home in late September, Andrew Goldman noticed something strange: Their crabapple tree was blooming. Goldman, who works with edible plants and lives in Rhode Island, said that the tree typically blooms in April. In the 20 years his family has lived in the house,[…]

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As allergy seasons worsen, children face increased health risks

This spring, tree pollen season in Spring Hope, North Carolina, hit harder than any Vicky Autrey can remember. Large clouds of green pine pollen drifted past her front porch, over-the-counter allergy medicines failed to quell symptoms, and her 1-year-old grandson had trouble breathing. “His allergy attack was so bad, he[…]

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Year in Review 2018: From droughts to floods

In many ways ISeeChange in 2018 was either a story of precipitation or lack thereof. Floods, hurricanes, droughts and wildfires impacted communities across the globe. In the U.S., ISeeChangers revealed a widening gap between east and west. In the winter, western states were warm and dry, while east of the[…]

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