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416 Fire makes Coloradans wonder if wildfires have limits

416 Fire by Dom Paulo via Flickr.

The flames still raging in Colorado’s 416 fire are raising questions and increasing concerns as firefighters weigh options ahead in a warming climate. Heidi Steltzer lives close enough to the 416 Fire blazing through Colorado’s San Juan Mountains that she can see it from her window. “Our house is distant[…]

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Is climate change to blame for a whack spring?

Cover art by Anokarina/Creative Commons

Ann-Marie Taranto, a teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina, and her class of second and third graders noticed wild temperature swings during the end of February and first two weeks of March. In one February week, high temperatures fluctuated between 70°F and 46°F. “There were a lot of birds on the[…]

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A Very Hungry Caterpillar is Killing Trees in New England


Walking through the woods near her home in Marlborough, Connecticut, Matylda Biskupski couldn’t help but notice that the forest seemed bare. “There’s very little shade. It’s very weird,” said Biskupski, a freshman at Rham High School. Throughout the summer, gypsy moth caterpillars munched on the forest’s green canopy, leaving trees[…]

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