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A Very Hungry Caterpillar is Killing Trees in New England


Walking through the woods near her home in Marlborough, Connecticut, Matylda Biskupski couldn’t help but notice that the forest seemed bare. “There’s very little shade. It’s very weird,” said Biskupski, a freshman at Rham High School. Throughout the summer, gypsy moth caterpillars munched on the forest’s green canopy, leaving trees[…]

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Can Yo-Yo Winters Make Us More Sick?

"Can weird winters make us more sick?"

Students in Hebron, Connecticut have been noticing something strange this winter. Usually this town 25 miles southeast of Hartford is snowy and cold, but this year, temperatures swung wildly from freezing to balmy. Those temperature swings make for what we call a “YoYo” winter. “It snowed on Tuesday and today[…]

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The story of the Great Lakes: It’s Ice!

MODIS image of ice cover on Great Lakes. February 16, 2014. NOAA Great Lakes CoastWatch.

Daytime high temperatures are in the single digits in Minnesota right now. It’s the kind of weather “the Land of a Thousand Lakes” is famous for, but a couple of weeks back they were in the balmy mid-thirties. Driving from Cloquet to Duluth, ISeeChange observer Hailey Raushel called that “relaxed.”[…]

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Sudden storms in South Australia


The southeast United States is not the only place dealing with flooding and extreme weather.  Back at the end of September, iSeeChange user Sarah Horley posted a photo of a road made impassable by brown floodwater. Unusually heavy rains and associated flooding in a low rainfall area — Sarah Horley[…]

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Have you seen your favorite summer bugs?

s58y/Via Flickr (Creative Commons)

All observations are, to some extent, limited. There’s always some subjective gap between what we’ve seen and the fullest truth. The sight of the boy you liked in high school walking away with another girl has probably lingered in your heart longer than his feelings for her. Emotion, especially, can[…]

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