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Mosquitos in winter?

AFPMB via Flickr

During December, Eliot Walter noticed mosquitos in Lexington, Kentucky. Twice. Of course, it wasn’t just skeeters and the bites they bring: Lexington had flowers in bloom, and worms near the surface of the soil. “Weather or climate?” Walter asks. And, “This winter, I believe, is anomalous, but the trend is for[…]

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What’s behind a big acorn crop?

knitsteel via Flickr

When you can’t park your car under the oak tree because it’s in danger of getting bombarded by acorns, when rakes and snow shovels are pressed into service, gathering up a whole barrel’s worth, and when you can practically see the squirrels getting fatter from your kitchen window, you know[…]

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Where’s California’s Dungeness Crab?

Andrew3000 via Flickr

Dungeness Crab for Christmas is a San Francisco Bay Area tradition. In our family, cracked crab comes from Cook’s Seafood, a market in downtown Menlo Park. Christmas Eve as far back as I can remember, we have torn into a butcher-paper-wrapped pile of crab, piled it a half a foot high on platters,[…]

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