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Is summer over? (Take a picture to tell us!)

At the Thomas Starr King Middle School across the street from me (Go Lions!), students return to classes before Labor Day. They’re among a growing number of kids who mourn summer’s death in August…unlike in Virginia, where the King’s Dominion law protects the rights of teenagers to ride roller coasters[…]

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Synchronicity (not The Police album)


This week we’re sharing stories from our media partners in Colorado and Pennsylvania. KVNF and the Allegheny Front were unexpectedly in sync when they each chose to cover one of the key phenomena that ISeeChange helps observe: phenological asynchronicity. That phrase doesn’t come up much in normal conversation (unless you’re[…]

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A Longer Growing Season


Tracking the impact of climate change means paying attention to shifts in growing seasons for farmers and gardeners. Observers from the western slope  of Colorado thought the growing season was especially long this past year. Jake Ryan of KVNF in Paonia, Colorado looked into their questions.  

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Shark Bait

Fishing right along the Delaware coast isn’t usually great during the summer but 2015 was quite different. Rick King, a local fisherman who posts fishing reports on a site called delaware-surf-fishing dot com noted that “fishing was off the hook”. However, as Eli Chen of Delaware Public Media reported, along[…]

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