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ISeeChange Spring 2021 in Review

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The theme of this spring’s temperatures was whiplash. Some areas saw spring arrive early and then give way to cold spells. Others experienced a cooler spring but with weeks and spells of unusually high temperatures mixed in.  The last week has been a weather up-and-down: one day it’s snowing, one[…]

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2020 Year in Change


As ISeeChangers across the world observed, 2020 was a record-breaking weather year on top of a world-wide public health crisis. On a global scale, it was one of the two hottest years on record. With the heat came the most active Atlantic hurricane season, and devastating, record-setting wildfires in Australia,[…]

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Hindsight is 20/20: Looking back at a year of change


Last year was the second-hottest year on record globally and ISeeChangers noticed: They documented how extreme heat, unusual precipitation and natural disasters affected their health, communities and daily life. From Boston to France to Nigeria, community members proved again and again that climate change is not a future problem, but[…]

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Year in Review 2018: From droughts to floods


In many ways ISeeChange in 2018 was either a story of precipitation or lack thereof. Floods, hurricanes, droughts and wildfires impacted communities across the globe. In the U.S., ISeeChangers revealed a widening gap between east and west. In the winter, western states were warm and dry, while east of the[…]

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Not Your “Average” Year in Review

Lead photo by Catrin Austin/Flickr

When ISeeChange started in 2012 in Colorado, it was the warmest year in the continental United States. A lot of weird stuff happened that year. What could top that? 75 degrees F on November 16th. Shorts weather! The day after was the first snow of the year and it snowed[…]

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2015’s observations in review


This holiday season, we’re seeing record-breaking warm temperatures in many of the upper middle and eastern states, tornadoes twisting through the South and parts of the Midwest, and snow, sleeting rain, and significant hail in the West. But weird didn’t just start out of nowhere in December. You observed climate changes and[…]

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