ISeeChange South Florida Ambassador Program

Calling on all South Florida Residents! Give your community a stronger voice in climate solutions.


Climate change is a threat multiplier — increasing individuals’ exposure and sensitivity to extreme weather, flooding, sea level rise, and extreme heat. This multiplier effect is particularly burdensome and disproportionately falls on frontline and underserved communities.

To create equitable, inclusive climate solutions and advance social equity, local communities need their voices heard. Broad public participation enables local governments to understand the implications of climate threats and develop solutions for all members of the community. ISeeChange tackles this issue at its core by encouraging dialogue with residents from all walks of life in the planning process while building resilience, trust and promoting additional community-wide benefits.

You can help. As an ISeeChange Ambassador, you can have a real influence on local solutions to extreme weather. Join today and make sure your community’s voice is heard loud and clear.

About ISeeChange:

ISeeChange is a citizen science-based climate journal and a global community of people documenting the everyday impacts of climate change. We address hyperlocal issues through community participation, engagement, education, and advocacy. You can start using it today for free! Visit to start!

What is the ISeeChange Ambassador Program?

The ISeeChange Ambassador is a volunteer-based program that will enable you to become a community leader by gaining an understanding of weather and climate issues impacting your neighborhood and across the City of Miami. You will receive training in how to use the ISeeChange platform to shape the climate adaptation infrastructure developed by local City planners and engineers, sharing and documenting the impacts of extreme weather on the built and natural environment, and helping recruit other ISeeChangers in Miami.

Become an Ambassador and Make a Real Difference

People like you are using citizen science to address your communities’ challenges at your fingertips.

ISeeChange connects you to your local community hyper-locally and at a global level. When you post and share, you are also exchanging ideas and dialogue with your neighbors, suggest recommendations, share experiences, and more.

Local governments often struggle to dedicate enough resources to understand the granular nature of quickly changing climate impacts, so everyone’s observations can help make public investments in drainage and flood risk mitigation and reduction that is more targeted, inclusive, effective and efficient while improving the quality of life.

ISeeChange service provides data validation through community participation. For example, when a pump drainage system has been installed residents often are the ones who can double-check if the work has been done properly through reporting and documentation.
ISeeChange offers qualitative data — what do people want, and quantitative data — offer and describe the exact location of where a system is working properly or failing in order to get historical data.

Cities can build and engineer better models having resident’s inputs as community stakeholders. Best to use this information at the beginning of a project in order to use the collected data to build more efficiently and effectively.

We care about your privacy. There’s no personal information to share other than the description and location of your post to alert the City administration of where flooding is happening in order to locate the issue and fix it, in other words, when it is going to help improve a public interest project, like stormwater or drainage infrastructure.

Who can be an ISeeChange Ambassador?

You don’t need to be a community leader or an expert of any kind to participate, it just requires your desire to make Miami a better place. Document and share experiences with how extreme weather conditions affect your quality of life. Sign up today!

It’s easy to get started! Sign up here.


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