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What’s a two-year storm in New Orleans?

Flooding in New Orleans complicates commutes, causes damage to cars and homes, and makes residents question whether it’s safe for their kids to walk through stagnant puddles to get to their bus stop. The city is working on new drainage infrastructure projects aimed at alleviating residents’ concerns, coping with climate[…]

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ISeeChange and NOLA Ready partner to track rainfall and flooding in New Orleans, distributing free rain gauges to neighborhood volunteers

For six years, ISeeChange has rallied citizen scientists, curious neighbors, and communities on the frontlines of our changing climate to track the impacts and tell us their stories. As climate models predict more intense rainfall, ISeeChange is ramping up our understanding of storms and flooding. Together with NOLA Ready, the[…]

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Yes. Your streets are flooding more.

Destiney Bell’s yard is flooded, and this isn’t the first time. Most storms turn Bell’s lawn into a lake, transforming her house on a busy New Orleans corner into an island of inconvenience. A half hour of heavy rain means that she wades through half a foot of water just[…]

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